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Unlock Peer Tutoring

Let's unlock confidence...

What is it?

The Unlock Northwich peer tutoring initiative is where a sixth form college student is paired with a GCSE student to give them one-to-one support, for a minimum of 6 weeks, to unlock understanding of their subjects and increase their confidence for homework and exams. It is free and it takes place in the Unlock Cafe. We plan to launch in 2023.


We believe what makes our tutoring different is the peer element and the different environment of the café.

The Peer element

We will coach and empower the tutors to help the tutee overcome obstacles such as academic struggles, stress and lack of confidence.


According to research and feedback, the peer relationship strengthens the tutoring in several ways:

The cafe environment

Tutoring isn't always driven by the student as something they want to do. We hope that not being in school or at home, but in an inspiring, exciting and relaxed environment would foster motivation to get involved. We also hope that it would take tutees away from the stresses at school or home.


15 young people
2 Focus Groups
1 School
1 Youth Group
“No stress about being there [in the cafe]. In school you have quite a lot of pressure, but it seems like in there, there would be likely nothing to stress about. “
"[the peer element is appealing because] they recently did it so would give me reassurance and feel less stressed."
"[the tutoring is] Exactly what we need, a bit of help. I struggle to do things by myself like revising. 1 on 1 help would be good."
"[like the tutoring because] one to one so don’t have to compete for the attention of the teacher in a way."
"yeah I think in the café is good as well, a lot of people don’t work well in school environment. So its like you can just be comfortable, and someone with a similar age you can sort of have more ideas and be able to share more."

What is the benefit to the tutor?

There are several benefits for the tutors:

        An opportunity to make a difference to the life of a peer.


        Volunteering work to put on their CV/personal statement.


        Develop communication skills to take into further study and work.


        Grow in confidence themselves, as well as empowering other


        Maybe for the first time, their voice will be respected, ideas heard and given responsibility.


Want to get involved?

What else do we do?

We also have a youth cafe and do youth events. Find out more about these through the links below.

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